About Us

David and Kelly met and instantly sensed each other’s positive and powerful energy. It became clear that each of them are connected to crystals in a huge way. David showed one of his crystals to Kelly and she wrapped the stone into a necklace. David and Kelly began using crystals together for healing, self-improvement and meditation. Each of them strengthened their spirituality and connection to the earth and universe through stones. They received immense rewards from consciously setting intentions to utilize the power of crystals. They started making the crystals into wearable energy channels.

David and Kelly want to share their experience with others and help other people receive the benefits of crystal healing that they experience everyday. That is why they created Rockmystic. Kelly and David are a happy and loving couple sharing their experience, strength and hope by spreading the love and positive energy Rockmystic has to give. They choose to share this with others with energy-enhancing jewelry and healing crystals for mindfulness and self-improvement.