Vanadinite is actually a stone that belongs to the apatite group of crystals. It is also a member of the Mimetite and Pyromorphite series. The striking and deep red color of the stone, as well as it’s attractive hexagonal prism and highly luster crystal, are what make the stone an adored and extensively collectible kind of crystal. The stone is a mixture of several minerals, including vanadium, wherein it was named after. Vanadinite can be found in the USA, Morocco, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa.

The vanadinite is strongly linked to the earth chakra. This particular piece of the crystal may possess strong vibrations, which may help you in accepting your very own physicality. This achieves this by way of grounding and centering the soul into the physical body and assisting you in becoming comfortable in your own environment. This may support you in all your efforts in turning your dreams and turn them into reality. This may surround you with encouraging and loving energy, which may keep you in being motivated all over your journeys through happiness, abundance, and success. This is a great crystal if you are someone who commonly spends so much time at work

Corresponding Chakra: Sacral and Earth
Corresponding Zodiac: Virgo